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The Location 

Rancho Margot is located in the buffer zone of Arenal Volcano National Park (about 12,000 hectares of rainforest). We are also neighbors with the Children's Eternal Forest (about 32,000 hectares of cloudforest). 


We are located in a transition area from cloud to rain forest, meaning we have our own microclimate. It is difficult to predict a rainy or dry season. Traditionally, February, March, and October are the most likely to be ‘dry’. During the year the weather changes from sunny to rain several times during the day. In general, we have experienced a worrisome increase in ‘dry’ days over the years and consequently a decreasing amount rainfall has been recorded annually for the past 20 years.


Conservation and Regeneration

Rancho Margot is comprised of 167 hectares and we contribute to conservation of the area being part of a biological corridor that starts at the Arenal Park and stretches along Monteverde until the Pacific Coast. 


Of the 167 hectares we own, 60% is covered by forest that we replanted in 2004, this is about 100 hectares that we protect and preserve. The remaining 40% of the land hosts our Eco Lodge, experimental farm, agriculture fields and pastures. We produce all of our electricity on site and are fully off-the-grid. 



We are trying to pass on our discoveries and knowledge through our Education programs. We host many local and international student groups during the year. They come to learn about our daily sustainable practices and sometimes to contribute as volunteers. Therefore, expect to run into young energetic groups at some point during your stay. Education is one of our pillars and we are happy to educate and inspire young minds. We aspire to continue doing this indefinitely.


We are not a luxurious hotel in the middle of the rainforest or a fancy organic restaurant. We are an experimental community whose individuals are learning how to live in balance with nature and how to carry out daily operations without damaging the ecosystem. 

About half of our 50 staff live part-time on the property and we also have permanent residents. You may find our team members and permanent residents eating in the dining area during your stay. Rancho Margot focuses on employing local families and we currently support at least 50 local families through employment. 

Click here for driving directions to Rancho Margot.


Health and Holistic Practices 

Health and holistic practices are an important part of Rancho Margot and we offer daily yoga classes and host several retreat groups throughout the year. We also organize one or two yoga teacher trainings every year as we are Yoga Alliance Certified.

Keep in mind you are in the wilderness, nature is the one in charge here and it dictates the following rules:


  • Expect rain and sunshine. Make sure to have a windbreaker, umbrella, sun hat, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent handy at all times.

  • Temperatures are nice for most of the year ranging from a low of 21°C at night to 30°C on the hottest days. Rooms have a ceiling fan, as well as big windows and doors that can be opened for extra air flow. As part of our sustainable practices we do not have A/Cs on the property.

  • Mind the gap. Wear appropriate shoes and practice mindful walking to avoid accidents on the uneven sidewalks, forest trails and pathways.

  • Always carry a flashlight/torch at night. We refrain from using white lights to minimize disturbance to wildlife. Our lighting primarily consists of subdued yellow hues, which are less intrusive. For a safe return to your room, please use the flashlight on your cell phone or any other available light source.

  • Our location is somehow isolated. The closest convenience store is located 2.5 km from the ranch, so it's advisable to pack all your personal care items in advance. While we supply artisanal soaps in the rooms, shampoo and conditioner are not provided. If you enjoy snacks, we recommend bringing your own.

  • We offer three farm-to-table meals daily, along with coffee and medicinal tea sourced from our garden. Additionally, fresh bananas are always available.  Everything we are able to grow at the farm goes to our kitchen and it is used to prepare our daily organic meals which are free of any chemicals.

  • We do not sell bottled water. All of the water at Rancho Margot is safe to consume. You can drink from any tap on the property, including your shower and around the farm. We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle for your stay. 

Recommended Packing List for Your Stay

  • Light easy to dry clothing  

  • Insect repellent

  • A cozy sweater

  • Rain gear

  • Flashlight

  • Sunscreen

  • Long socks

  • Hat and sunglasses

  • Pants

  • Hiking shoes

  • Reusable water bottle 







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