Published September 25th 2022

Imagine if growing a community
also meant protecting it for
generations to come. 
Humanity has for the first time created
the tools we need to enable large-scale
cooperation for common good. 
Building Rancho Margot& The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Rancho Margot was created with the vision to be a self-sufficient and sustainable community owned and managed by stakeholders, staff, residents, business owners, and investors
Rancho Margot has helped build a local school in El Castillo where there was no education program beyond 5th grade and funded a school bus operation for kids in the community to go the school all free of charge
Founder Juan Sostheim publicly articulated the vision of Rancho Margot as a decentralized intentional community through interviews and writings. Priority was focused on tourism, production, and education
Rancho Margot opens for tourism. At the time, the ranch had just three bungalows and a bunkhouse
Rancho Margot created its first online presence and the traffic to the website grew organically over time
Juan continues building the operation 
DAO will be deployed
Juan and the team decided to use NEAR Protocol to build the DAO platform. Work is underway and expect to launch in the first quarter of 2023. We have begun the search for the first 500 early adopters among our friends and visitors of Rancho Margot.
During the pandemic, a legal structure called DAO LLC is recognized in the state of Wyoming. Effectively giving DAO members liability protection and DAOs legal standing. This allowed DAOs to open bank accounts and enter into legally binding contracts like any other corporate entity.
Juan and the team held meetings with government officials to explore the possibilities of the cooperative legal structure in Costa Rica to engender staff interest and engagement. After close examination, expectations were not met
Juan heard the term DAO for the first time during a blockchain tech meeting he co-hosted with Dr. Eduard Muller, founder of the University for International Cooperation. Motivated by the possibilities of DAO, Juan began his own in-depth research. There are over 10,000 DAOs already in existence today
Many unfortunate and tragic events happened around this time; including the loss of one of Juan’s sons. He experienced a very difficult time resulting in setbacks in the operation
Rancho Margot was certified carbon neutral with a negative CO2 footprint and was featured on CNN resulting in some further traction for the project  
Juan and the team hosted Thomas Sisk, a former Wall Street executive, to work on his published master’s thesis for the One Planet MBA program at ExeterUniversity. They reiterated the managementchallenges involved in the vision
DAO Platform Development & A New Economy
It was clear that this is our way forward when the DAO LLC became a realistic option in 2021. During the past year, Juan and the team have been hosting a diverse group of experts in tourism, biomimicry, regeneration, planned pasture management, relationship graphing, organizational management, and thought leaders in everything blockchain (crypto, NFTs, gaming, and DAOs) to better understand the opportunities ahead. We elected to build a DAO LLC to govern and lead the future of Rancho Margot.

NEAR Protocol
The challenges and opportunities are daunting. It is important to have experts that can adapt to the ever-evolving nature of technology, and also build and maintain governance protocols that will guarantee decentralization of decision-making and ownership for years to come.

Building Value
A new dimension to our circular economy needs to be built that allows for value creation for both the DAO and Rancho Margot. These opportunities exist and the possibilities are limitless. Multi-generational engagement across a wide range of topics and activities has been part of Rancho Margot’s DNA since its inception and the DAO framework opens space for active and grounded collaboration.
Much collaboration has gone into understanding the feasibility of incoporating a DAO governance for Rancho Margot
DAO members will see active participants, and working groups, and join areas of interest using our dashboard we have been building with 7Vortex
DAO will govern Rancho Margot and eventually take over allappropriate online activities like media, marketing, recruitment, online reservations, etc.
New circular economies will nourish partnerships and interactionsbetween developing digitaltechnologies and human ingenuity here on the ground
DAO Deployment & Structure
Setting DAO Up for Success
The plan is to put Rancho Margot S.A. (RMSA) and all its assets under the governance of the DAO we are creating. Once fully deployed, the DAO takes on a life of its own and should ensure that Rancho Margot stays relevant for generations to come. The DAO LLC and RMSA will be two separate legal entities with a remunerated management contract establishing the relationship between them. The timeline calls for the creation of the DAO LLC during the last quarter of 2022 and envisioning an eighteen-month transition period to reach full deployment.
Two Major Divisions
Community & private residential development areas

The community area is owned by RMSA and includes the hotel, farm, and biological corridor which represent approximately 75% of the total area of the domain.  

The private residential development area personally owned by Juan is approximately 25% of the total area and comprises the rest of Rancho Margot’s domain. Juan and his family own all the shares of RMSA which are held in a perpetual Trust. The shares of RMSA will remain in the Trust indefinitely and will only be released to the beneficiaries if the members of the DAO vote to dissolve the DAO thereby ending the governance relationship, something which is highly unlikely to occur.
RMSA Profits
50% Reinvested by the DAO in Rancho Margot. The DAO LLC will develop its own robust economy with the members deciding howto best direct its profits.
25% RMSA staff for a personnel incentive program that is tied toeach individual’s performance and DAO engagement.
25% Founder’s beneficiaries
Five-Member Supervisory Board
Oversee and facilitate the integration between the DAO LLC and RMSA  

One represents the founder
One represents the staff
Two represent the DAO
One independent expert from academia was chosen initially by the founder of one of the universities that historically patronize Rancho Margot.

The supervisory board will not make policy but serve to help integrate proposals, arbitrate disputes, and facilitate planning with on-the-ground operations. The board, with a 3/5 majority, will have the authority to stop proposals accepted by the DAO yet the implementation of which would not be in the best overall interests of the operations of RMSA.
Membership Token
Future membership in the DAO may be limited in numbers but ingeneral, it will be open to anyone who owns a membership tokenor NFT. 
Limited invitation to help fund and participate as an early DAO adopter
Besides being able to lock in 2022 pricing for your next transformative experience in Rancho Margot. You will also receive additional goodies from the DAO and on location with our deepest appreciation. This invitation is LIMITED TO MAXIMUM 500 INDIVIDUALS who make a reservation using our BOOK DAO button below.

Early DAO Adopter Packages

Packages include lodging in a deluxe bungalow for two persons, all meals, a guided ranch tour and night tour as well as twice-daily yoga classes. You can use or gift your reservation anytime during the next 10 years.


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