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PLEASE NOTE: We are in the middle of the rainforest and have lived years without landlines, relying solely on internet and cell service for telephone communication. As such, phone service can be unpredictable at times. In 2022 we will upgrade our system with landlines! In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and perseverance! 

Our Front Office and Reservations Support Desk are open daily from 7am – 9pm.

* Email is the best means of communication * 

You can also contact us via Skype: ranchomargot

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Monday to Sunday GMT -4:00 

07:00 hrs - 11:30 hrs 

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Transportation Options from San Jose

The majority of our international guests arrive to Costa Rica after landing at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in Alajuela, just outside the capitol of San José. The following outlines transportation options from Alajuela and San José.

Driving: Most Flexible Option

Please see the Driving Directions below if you will be driving

to Rancho Margot. If you need a rental car for your vacation

in Costa Rica you'll have several options.

​While 4WD is not necessary to get to Rancho Margot, it can make more daytrip options available to you and can often make your travel around Costa Rica more comfortable and less stressful.

Domestic Flight: Fastest Option​​

SANSA offers daily flights from San José’s Juan Santamaria Airport to La Fortuna/Arenal. Notify Rancho Margot of your arrival time/date to La Fortuna/Arenal airport for transportation to the Ranch ($60.00 USD with pick-up at La Fortuna/Arenal airport).

  • DURATION 25-Minute Flight ; 45-Minute Drive from La Fortuna/Arenal Airport to Rancho Margot

  • COSTS $40.00 – $120.00 USD per person for flight + $60 Transport to Rancho Margot (depending on option)


Collective Shuttle: Most Convenient Option​

Modern, air-conditioned comfortable shuttles that make  daily trips between San José’s Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) and La Fortuna hotels or Rancho Margot. Interbus Shuttle – Best for 1 Person Leaves from a Denny’s Restaurant (which is a 3-minute/$5.00 USD taxi ride from the SJO Airport) at 8:30am or 2:30pm. Interbus shuttle will deliver you to  La Fortuna or to the closest drop off, Majestic Properties,  from which we can help arrange transport to Rancho Margot.

  • DURATION 3 Hour Ride to La Fortuna, 30-Minute Ride from La Fortuna to Majestic Properties, 3 km from the Ranch

  • COST $59.00 + VAT per person for Interbus shuttle + Local taxi from Majestic Properties to Rancho Margot

  • TO BOOK Arrangements for your Interbus Shuttle should be made and paid for directly Once confirmed, please notify Info@RanchoMargot.Org and we will help you organize transportation to Rancho Margot.

Private Driver: Most Comfortable Option

This option includes a personal driver who will greet you at either of the International Airports (SJO or Liberia) upon landing and drive you in a comfortably appointed van directly to Rancho Margot.

  • DURATION  roughly 3.5 Hours direct from either San Jose or Liberia airports, 

  • COST  $230.00 USD One-Way ($460 Round-Trip)(1-6 persons) *Note: This price may vary with alternate pick-up locations and if necessary to accommodate odd-schedule times

  • BOOK CONTACT  Info@RanchoMargot.Org. NOTE the email address is .ORG

Public Bus: Most Adventurous Option

Public buses are easy to use and readily available to get around Costa Rica! You can catch a public bus at either San José’s Terminal San Carlos or in Alajuela, only 1km from the SJO Airport. If you are elsewhere in Costa Rica, public buses make it quite simple to get from wherever you are to La Fortuna! There are direct buses to La Fortuna leaving from the Terminal San Carlos in San José at 6:15a, 8:40a and 11:30a. This same bus will stop in Alajuela (only 1km from SJO Airport) approximately 15-minutes later. If you wish to catch the bus after arriving to SJO, we recommend taking an official taxi (Taxis Aeropuerto) from the airport to the bus station in Alajuela. Upon arrival to La Fortuna you will require transportation to the Ranch. With proper notification, Rancho Margot can organize transportation from La Fortuna center ($60.00 USD one-way). You can also obtain a taxi near the park in La Fortuna Center for transport to Rancho Margot.

  • DURATION 4.5 Hours to La Fortuna

  • PRICE $5.00 USD for bus to La Fortuna + Cost of Taxi ($60) to Rancho Margot

  • NOTE: Once per day, a bus departs from La Fortuna at approx 5:10pm / 5:15pm to El Fósforo town, which is a located 3km from the Ranch. If you take this bus, you will still have 3km to the Ranch, and we do not offer that transportation. Weather permitting, you may decide to walk or find a local taxi service with one of our neighbors.

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