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 in our own backyard 

el mirador hike

1 hour / self guided 

Enjoy a self-guided hike to our Mirador look-out point where you see breathtaking scenery including the Children’s Eternal Forest and Lake Arenal. Upon reaching the hike's peak, you enjoy panoramic views of the extraordinary Arenal, Tenorio and Miravalles volcanoes. For more interactive/educational hike, request a professional guide at the front desk!


1 hour / self guided / FREE! with your stay

Our hiking trails traverse along a transition zone (rainforest to cloudforest) where you can take in the majesty of secondary and mature forest ecosystems at work. On our footpaths, you can observe tropical birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and diverse insect and plant species.


Head out to the shores of Lake Arenal where adventure and relaxation await! Kayak towards Arenal Volcano, explore the abundance of life within the many inlets you pass along the way, and feel refreshed as you jump into the lake for a swim.

2 hour / US$ 55.00 per person (2 minimum)


2 hour / US$ 55.00 per person (2 minimum)


Depart from our stables on horseback and behold unforgettable views of over 60,000 hectares of rainforest, Lake Arenal, Arenal Volcano, Cerro Chato, Volcan Tenorio, Miravalles and Rincon de La Vieja. 

OPTIONS: Lake Arenal / El Mirador View Point


2 hour / US$ 55.00 per person (2 minimum)


Depart on horseback from our stables and behold unforgettable views of over 60,000 hectares of rainforest, Lake Arenal, Arenal Volcano, Cerro Chato, Volcan Tenorio, Miravalles and Rincon de La Vieja. This is a great way to take in the Ranch and our neighbourhood!

OPTIONS: Lake Arenal / El Mirador View Point

Don't miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with these wonderful animals, as our staff teach you how to hand-milk one of our grass-fed cows. With this important harvest, we produce 100% of our yogurt, cheese and other delicious dairy products.


1 hour / FREE! with Best Deal and Bunkhouse deal


One hour guided classes offered daily (7 am/4pm) with reservation and SIGN-UP, Instructor availability varies in COVID time and reservation/SIGN-UP required  a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

For Guests, daily yoga (7 am/4 pm) is included in your stay. Be sure to check in with our front desk and reserve your spot a minimum 24 hours in advance. Instructor availability varies given the current World health crisis and travel limitations. 

Imagine breathing deeply rainforest air, surrounded by all the sights, sounds, scents and feeling of the forest, inviting you to tune-in to nature and your place in it. All senses come alive, inspired by the rushing river, valley breeze, and playful birdsong, as you find and enjoy your practice in this space.

2 hours / US$ 40.00 / FREE! with your stay 


Dive into an experiential exploration of all aspects behind the sustainable and self-sufficient practices of Rancho Margot, from organic agriculture and food processing to energy production and carbon neutrality.

fishing in the pond

FREE! with your stay

We invite you to visit our Tilapia fish pond, beyond our Yoga studio and bordered by lush vegetation (which is actually the feed we grow for the fish!), here, you can relax in the tranquil setting, watch the waterfowl and just BE for awhile.  Catch and release or if your luck is with you, catch your dinner! Our kitchen will be happy to clean and prepare your catch for you!

1 hour / US$ 25.00 per person ( 2 minimum)

night hike tour

Hiking along rainforest paths after dusk, on this guided excursion, you will identify new landscapes, mini-landscapes burgeoning with life, and delight in the wildlife that emerges at night.

1 hour / Contact for price and service available


Wrap up your trip with the deepest form of relaxation, by enjoying a professional massage treatment in our therapeutic bodywork center, surrounded by gardens and aromas of rainforest flowers.