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To achieve and maintain sustainable operations, we work to find better ways to satisfy our needs without compromising future generations

virtual ranch tour

Thanks to the creative work of super volunteers, including dear Albert Gracious, take a look around the Ranch through eyes of guests, employee residents and volunteers. Find out, how life at the Ranch looks day-to-day for us. Enjoy your "tour"! 

If you are 23 years of age or older, are interested in learning/improving language skills, and have a suitable skill set you'd like to share in exchange for one month's stay with us, visit the Volunteer section of our webpage and apply. 


food production

Rancho Margot generates well over half of all food consumed by workers, residents and guests onsite. Often producing well over 75% and we aim for more. We do not purchase processed foods of any kind.  Mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup are all made from scratch as are all of our sauces. Vinegar is made from our own bananas and plantains. Oils are either local 100% coconut or sunflower, or imported 100% olive . Our breads typically contain gluten but we are always glad to make special gluten free preparations upon request. We are experimenting with in-country, chemical free tubers  for gluten-free flour all the time. We harvest fresh vegetables and fruits by hand, harvest/finish all dairy products and butcher 100% of meats, all within walking distance of our kitchen. The processing that occurs between our farm and kitchen is minimal; the attention to production and detail is extensive and ensures freshness and quality. Needless to say, it also greatly reduces waste. Just take a peek into our kitchen. It’s easy as our kitchen’s open layout invites you to watch us work. With one refrigerator and one freezer, we have mastered the art of fresh, right-sizing meal preparation.



All the fruits, vegetables, and animal forage grown at Rancho Margot is produced without the use of chemicals. Here we are beyond organic. For the fruits and vegetable that we serve from outside of the ranch, we make every effort to ensure products are fresh and local, 100% produced in Costa Rica. 

dairy & beef

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All our dairy products are produced from our grass-fed cattle. We use their milk to produce organic yogurt and cheeses. We rarely serve beef in our buffet but, when we do, it comes from Rancho Margot.



All the chicken meat that you eat at Rancho Margot comes from our farm. The laying hens receive some purchased corn but are 100% free range. In addition to the insects and grasses that they eat, we supplement their diet daily with worms and high protein foraging material.



All the pork consumed here is born and raised at Rancho Margot.  At the moment about 40% of the food that our pigs eat comes from outside sources and is not organic. We are about 12 months away from being able to produce all the food needed for our pigs within Rancho Margot.


Energy production


Rancho Margot generates electricity onsite with two hydroelectric generators. We also have a small percentage of solar installed currently, we recognize this sector of generation technology will become an increasingly larger percentage of our energy mix as we go forward. 


Complex composting system collects all food, vegetative and solid animal waste that, with the aid of beneficial micro-organisms, decomposes and is then used as an organic fertilizer to eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers. Originally, we heated our water through an extensive compost hot water heater installation just below Bungalows 4 - 7. In order to meet the demands of guests for super hot water shower, we have since installed an alternate electric system, leaving us with more compost for our expanding gardens!


Three on-site bio-digesters treat the liquid animal waste through anaerobic bacterial action producing methane gas which is then used for cooking and heating in the kitchen. The final ‘cured’ liquid is an excellent fertilizer which we apply regularly to the grazing fields, supporting the nutrient density of these grazing spaces throughout the Ranch.


All roofs are living and so help to control the temperature inside, support biodiversity and also minimize the visual impact of manmade structures in the area.


All our furniture is made here by local, professional carpenters working with local reclaimed or waste wood from the Ranch.


Every waste is a resource to us here at the Ranch. For example, we recycle used cooking oil into fine artisanal soaps and laundry detergent.


We work to consolidate trips with neighboring businesses to minimize transport in and out of the area. No supplier travels exclusively to the Ranch.


The CST is a program developed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT). Participation by the tourism industry in these categories is designed to incorporate the use of biodegradable products, advance policies of electricity and water conservation, encourage knowledge of and interaction with the local culture, protect private and state-owned natural areas, among other positive results.

Rancho Margot has been recognized as the first carbon-negative company in the country of Costa Rica by international standards as set forth by Carbon Clear of Austin, TX in 2012.

How Can You Help Us During Your Stay?

Turn off lights and fans when you leave your bungalow. Rancho Margot self-produces energy 24 hours a day; it is very important that we all understand the importance of energy conservation.

Completely turn off the water when you finish using it.  WATER is our most precious resource; let’s not waste it.

If you require clean towels, leave them on a chair to be replaced. Towels dry well outside on your balcony, weather-permitting.

Use the biodegradable soap we produce and supply for your use.  This Rancho Margot product is specially prepared using waste oils and allows us and you to reduce our impact on the environment.

Minimize the amount of non-recyclable trash you leave here.  Our waste management system does not permit us to manage large volumes of non-recyclable trash.

Rancho Margot actively practices and supports conservation.  We invite you to visit our National Parks.  We reject and denounce any act of extraction and/or commercialization of biological species.  We kindly request you not feed any of the animals in the Rescue Center or any other wild animal you encounter on the Ranch. Also, please let us feed our dogs.

Supply comments, suggestions, questions and evaluations respecting the hotel and the CST.  We want to grow and improve every day.

Participate in any of our educational projects.  Ask us how.

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