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english claSses


Rancho Margot recruits and hosts professional and volunteer teachers for weekly English classes and remedial learning at our El Castillo elementary and high schools.  Our commitment to local education has always been a top priority for all of us at Rancho Margot.

music and arts classes


In 2016, we hired an inspired, talented musician/educator to offer space and instruction in the cultural arts to inspire and guide interested students in their practice and education. In this year and through this effort, the El Castillo School Marching Band was formed! This year we have expanded our volunteer program to include resident artists to further open the creative landscape for our kids.

soccer training


On the weekends, we properly coach the local children in soccer skills and team play on our well-maintained soccer field, providing solid coaching, organised team play opportunities, community engagement and healthy lunches at the Ranch!

Fun~raising events

John trigueros y Karlo Araya SONIDO URBA

We proudly host eco-fun-raising and community enrichment concerts offering live performance space to local artists, promoting education in our biosphere, healthy food, cultural celebration, excellent music and family play. 

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